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Add a Spreadsheet to your wiki 


Adding a NumSum spreadsheet using a plugin


Click on the Insert Plugin button



Now hover over the Productivity button and choose the Spreadsheet link.



Next, describe your spreadsheet.



Finally, you will see a preview of the spreadsheet as it will appear before you save the page.



After you save the page, your spreadsheet will look something like this one.

You'll have to enter your own data. Anyone who can see the page, can also edit the spreadsheet.


numsum errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.








Sign up at Numsum for more features


When you go to http://numsum.com you can sign up for a free account that gives you many more features that you can use here at PBwiki. If you need these features, it's definitely worth the extra effort.


Create a new sheet or import an existing sheet


When you arrive in your account, you will have the options to edit existing sheets, create a new sheet, or upload and import a sheet from your computer.



If you decide to import a sheet from your computer, you can do so by uploading an Excel file, pasting in cells, or from a CSV text file.




A look at some of the file options for a sheet


Once you have created and saved a sheet at numsum, you get lots of options to publish and share it.




Displaying a numsum sheet in a wiki


Clicking the "Publish to my blog" in the file menu gives you a snippet of code that you can paste into the HTML plugin. After you save the page, you'll have your spreadsheet in the wiki.




Alternative: Displaying a numsum sheet in a wiki

Thanks to user "Peter MJ", here is an alternative to adding the sheet to your wiki.


the alternative I stumbled on (pasting the result of "Export as HTML table" into the wiki
editor set to 'source', at the correct point) works fine.


 Who can see and edit the numsum sheet


The FAQ at http://numsum.com/help/faq explains this. Below is a portion of the FAQ that talks about viewing and sharing.


Are spreadsheets always public?


Nope, you can always mark your spreadsheets as Private. To do this, when editing your spreadsheet, click on the Share link, which you'll find below your spreadsheet on the right hand side. A dialog will appear where you can mark your spreadsheet as Private or as Public. Don't forget to Save your sharing changes. By default, new spreadsheets are marked Public instead of Private. Public spreadsheets are viewable by anyone.


How do I allow my friends (or crewmates or co-workers) to edit my spreadsheet?


When editing your spreadsheet, please click on the Share link, which you'll find below your spreadsheet on the right hand side. A dialog will appear where you can type in the email addresses or Num Sum usernames of your friends (make these comma separated, please). The folks you list here will be allowed to edit your spreadsheet.


Also, in the second textarea, you can write a personal message that we'll email to your friends as you invite them to co-edit your spreadsheet. Your friends will all need to have their own accounts on Num Sum to be able to edit the shared spreadsheet. And don't forget to Save your property changes.


If your friends are already Num Sum members, a link to your spreadsheet will be included in the invitation email. If they are not yet members, or if your spreadsheet is private, they will receive a link to Num Sum asking them to sign up.


 Adding a Google Spreadsheet


Once you have signed up for Google Docs ( http://docs.google.com ), you can make docs public and then publish them.

When you publish, you get a unique URL that you can display in the wiki as a link or as an embedded IFRAME element.


Example Link:



Example IFRAME:

<iframe src="http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p7a4KQngzibkBPX4le2pyHw" width="800" height="500"></iframe>


Paste the IFRAME line into our Google Gadget plugin and click preview and then OK.

Here's what it should look like.




Google Gadget error


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